Providing window tint in gainesville and surrounding areas

Commercial Window Film Benefits

Cut Down Glare


Bright sun glare on your computer screens reduces productivity and increases the likelihood of costly mistakes.  Premier Glass Tinting can provide you with several window film alternatives to remedy this problem.



Add privacy window film to windows that face an interior hallway or a busy sidewalk.  Premier Glass Tinting can provide commercial glass tinting that allows you to see out while blocking others from looking in.  We offer many levels of privacy with many commercial and decorative window films to choose from.

Reduce Fading


Window film blocks the harsh UV rays that damage and fade your display window inventory, furniture, blinds and window dressings and floors.  Protect your assets from the sun by covering your outside facing windows with window film.

Provide Safety


Premier Glass Tinting can provide safety film, which doesn't necessarily prevent all glass breakage but does prevent shards of broken glass from flying around a room.  Safety film is thicker and adds layers to make breakage more difficult.  The heavier glue holds the glass together in the event of breakage.



Premier Glass Tinting can show you hundreds of samples of film to provide a professional or unique look to your business. Go to our decorative films page and make sure to checkout "the visualizer" to see how it looks on different scenarios. Let us help you design a look for your doors and interior windows.

Reduce Heat and Energy Costs


Summertime in Florida can be sweltering and without window film the heat pours into your rooms causing your air conditioning to run non-stop.  Call Premier Glass Tinting today to see our heat rejecting window film.

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